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    Hi. I'm using elements 11. I love it - til now :-)


      I have edited hours and hours of footage of me lecturing. I used 2 HD cannon video camera. The source footage is crisp and clear.  When I a manually drag the cursor through my clip, the footage looks great and one can easily read what is on the screen. When I press play, the clip "vibrates" and what is on the board become blurry.  Any ideas?

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Depending on the strength of your computer and the source file format, "real time" previewing can be a little rough.  It is about the hardest thing you can ask your computer to do. 


          Is there is a yellow line above the timeline?  It means Premier Elements wants you to do some "preview rendering" to help the preview be smoother.  Find the render button or tap the Return key.


          When you output the final product, it goes frame by frame and often the final product will be better than the previews.   You can use the work area bars and test a small portion.