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    Flash Export Framerates

      I'm working on exporting an animation I built in flash at 30fps (with audio on stream) to Quicktime in order to put it on a DVD. However, when I attempt to export using the H.264 codec (set at 29.97 fps, best quality, multi-pass, key-frames: all) and uncompressed sound (at 44.1 khz, sample size 16) I cannot get teh frame rate I've chosen. Even if I go into flash and set the document frame rate at 29.97 fps in addition to the export codec my exported file has a frame rate of 30.30 fps or something similar. This causes issues when I want to burn to DVD, and in Encore requires transcoding, which I wouldn't have to do if it exported correctly. Any suggestions?

      Also, my quicktime exported version seems choppy at times in the video, but not the sound. Same story when I view as dvd, some of the more rapid animation just gets cut. Any suggestions? I need a quality looking DVD when I'm done with this.