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    Unclear/questions regarding TOUs


      I have recently transferred over from Dollar Photo Shop.  I use realistic photos in products that I sell on an online site for teachers.  After reading your TOUs, I am confused as to what I am allowed to do with photos from your site.  As I read it, as long as I do not sell 500,000 units, I do not need an additional license?  Or do I need to purchase an Extended License?  There are many of us in various groups that REALLY would appreciate a straightforward, CLEAR answer to this matter, as it affects our business

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are selling the image or anything where the images are the main element of the product you need an extended License. If you are using as a part of a product where the image isn't a main reason for buying it - such as a book cover which is good for up to 500,000 copies. In the case of a book cover people don't generally by the book because they want the cover.

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            ericad13768225 Level 1

            That still does not clarify anything for me.  Maybe if I am more specific in what I use the photos for...I create non-fiction read alouds for teachers to use with their students.  The photos are part of the product, but not the only part.  I include text and sometimes graphs or charts.  Are the photos still considered the main element in that case?


            Also, when I transferred my plan from DPC, I did so under the understanding that I would be under the same TOU I agreed upon for the next year.  I would like clarification of that as well.