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    Visible layers in .psd file not showing in InDesign

    mc_mark Level 1

      I'm running the latest CC 2015 on Windows 7. In PS, I've got a .psd file with 3 layers all showing. When I place that file into ID, only 1 layer is showing. The eye symbol is showing for all 3 layers in PS and the eye symbol is showing for all 3 layers in ID too on the Object Layer Options panel. I've tried looking at it with High Quality Display setting but no luck, and when I export it to PDF, still only the 1 layer is showing. When I look at the image in Bridge, all layers are visible as expected. I've tried closing and reopening PS and ID. These files are setup the same way as I've always done it and I've never had a problem. Why aren't the layers showing in ID all of a sudden?