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    How do I link text frames in between pages?




      I've been looking all round for this, and I'm guessing that the answer might be so simple that no tutorial even mentions it:


      How can I link text frames in between pages? I've made a text frame in each of the master pages, and then linked the one on the left with the one on the right. In effect, all text in the document is linked from the left page to the right page. But how do I link the right page with the following two pages 'below' in the document?


      If I'm unclear, here's another attempt to explain it: I'm going to insert a lot of text into a document, and I already know the size and type of text frame I want the text inserted into. When I place text into the frame on the left side, it links (goes onto) the text frame on the right side. But it stops there. So I have to manaully go through every two pages, linking the right page 'above' with the left page 'below', by clicking the frame and clicking the little arrow-icon in the bottom right corner, and then clicking on the next page below. There must be a way to organize this in the master pages or some other way?


      Thank you in advance for helping me out with this small, but huge problem!