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    Base URL Parameter causing issue with external library

      Ok - strange problem. I built a flash project that is made up of 15 separate .swf files all in the same directory. They all reference each other via a relative path and an external library (ExternalLibrary.swf) that's also in the same directory.

      When I first tested everything the HTML file was also in the same directory as the swfs and it worked perfectly. When the external library was needed it downloaded once and was used throughout.

      So turns out the final HTML needed to be two directories back so I added the Flash Base Parameter into the js that pulls in the flash. It still works fine except for the fact that every time the external library is referenced now the browser re-downloads the ExternalLibrary.swf for each instance. Not sure why the Flash Base Parameter is causing this.

      BTW - I'm using several browsers. Once of them is Safari which has an activity monitor which allows me to see what files download in the browser and when. This is how I discovered the issue.

      Anyone know how to fix this?