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    Stop Lightroom reverting back to "Original" aspect ratio on crop / lock aspect ratio.

    volatile Level 1

      Hi guys.  All the title really, using Lightroom 6.1


      In develop, If I click on crop, change to 3x2 or any other, adjust my image - all good.


      then i click on the next image - crop reverts back to "original" aka if the image is 1x1, the crop tool matches that.


      The padlock icon seems to do absolutely nothing - for example, set to 3x2 - lock padlock, click on next image - back to "original" again


      Strangely, sometimes with the ratio set to 3x2, just adjusting the handles on the crop box will make it revert back to original too.


      What can i do to lock this at a desired ratio and it NEVER changes?


      Driving me nuts.