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    Files saved to a folder not synchronizing with synchronize command


      I had to wipe my Mac drive completely clean and restore files and folders from a backup. Apps were re-installed. Since then my Lightroom CC ver 215.5 release has had problems with the catalog, and files saved into folders externally, not appearing in synchronizing or, if they do, they do not get added to the catalog and so do not show up. Also, if I try to synchronize a folder, all the images in the folder, which are already showing in LR are part of the "new" images LR wants to import. And, when I edit a file in Photoshop and save it back to a new folder within the original folder, it isn't putting the new folder into the original folder I saved to, but outside that folder. Lots of strange behavior. I have done the test integrity optimization when I quit LR but that hasn't helped. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.