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    Can you fix your broken video feeds?

    Mark.Stewart Level 1

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      All of the links like this


      See how it works ›


      Open the video feed but only download about 25% of the video, then download freezes unfinished, so video hangs just after starting.


      The only way to watch all of the Adobe "See how it works" media is like this: open (start video), stop, re-open.

      On re-open, the entire feed downloads so that all can be watched.


      My system is Safari on Mac OS X 10.11.4 with a T2 link to CAD 1.2 billion colors.

      This display messes up PS caching, so that could be an issue, assuming Adobe globally does not support new display tech - which I frankly doubt.

      Looks more like rotten script server-side.