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    Test on mobile, smartphone actions on prototype

    fhabio Level 1



      I've just heard about this new adobe software and got interest on it

      I don't have a mac so I can't see the preview version, but I have some question about the videos available on the website and features suggestions.


      First, the questions, how's the export to mobile is going to work? it will only generate a png file based on the device's screen or it's going to be a working prototype which I can fully test on my smartphone?

      The previews/demo will be all html based?


      As suggestion, I would like to have some more options for creating a prototype for smartphones. Smartphones have finger flick, tap, 3d touch, zoom in/out using fingers, etc.  I wish this options could be more explored on adobe xd

      There's a similar software developed by a Japanese company called Prott which is in a more advanced stage, and covers this points, including having a full working prototype on smartphone to see how's the app is going to work.