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    Lightroom 6 isn't updating


      My standalone Lightroom 6 doesn't seem to be updating.  I started using LR with version 1 and have bought updates of every version since then, and updated each version whenever an update came out.  prior to version 6.0 this cycle of updating went on without mishap.  With LR 6, I have tried loading all the version 6 updates, but no updates appear to have occurred.  with each update (v. 6.1, 6.2, etc) i would go through the update drill, apparently without problem, the adobe uploader indicated my software had been successfully updated, but when i check the version number afterwards it always showed version 6.0.  that remains the case until today.  any suggestions?


      I am running Lightroom on an iMac and am running the most recent mac OS version.