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    RoboHelp 2015 upgrades my RH11 project but generating output won't work and RH doesn't close any more and leaves the CPD file corrupt


      I recently bought RH2015 and upgraded my project from RH11 with it. The upgrade process works fine and finishes successfully (as indicated by final message box). However, then when I try to close the project or exit RH2015 it won't do it. The only way to "exit" is to kill the RH process. If I do that and reopen the project again then RH2015 complains that the CPD file is corrupt. I tried deleting the CPD file and reopening the project. It'll open and rebuild the CPD file but still won't close cleanly. So the cycle starts all over again.


      Even worse, none of the outputs generates. When I click on Generate.. for any of the SSL nothing happens.

      Editing topics and saving them seems to work.


      At this point RH2015 is useless to me. Please help!