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    Lightroom cc desktop keep "Syncing 2 photos"


      I do sync LR mobile with multiple device (iPhone, iPad, android device etc) and desktop in Mac.  The desktop's sync status keeps "Syncing 2 photos" for over a month. 


      I have experience that some photos are stuck in mobile device for partially sync due to network connection broken.  In previous cases, i removed the incompletely sync file from the web, or left the mobile device sync everything again when connection is back.  Then it could be synced back to normal.  This time, I cannot find any incomplete file from the Web version (was having a cross in a grey photo for broken file), and I tried to re-sync everything from my mobile device.  However, the "syncing 2 photo" are still there.  Any clues that I can figure out what it is sync thus I can do corrective action?