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    Phonegap Build reports malformed config.xml file when including Platform Build tags

    dans8649804 Level 1

      I was able to build my app without problems last week.  This week when I uploaded a new version of the source files (by uploading a zipped version of my app's www directory, as instructed in the Docs at PhoneGap Build Documentation), the build fails with the following message:


      Error - Malformed config.xml - You can fix this here


      The link provided (PhoneGap Build Documentation) suggests running the config.xml through an XML validator, which when done resulted in 2 errors:


      Error Line 16, Column 25: Namespace prefix gap on platform is not defined

        <gap:platform name="ios"/>


      Error Line 17, Column 29: Namespace prefix gap on platform is not defined

        <gap:platform name="android"/>


      These lines were added to target android and ios specifically, per the instructions in the Docs (at PhoneGap Build Documentation).  Since the documentation identifies them as not required, I commented them out, replaced my zipped projects config.xml file with the updated version and pushed this to PhoneGap Build again.  This version built without problems, so it appears that including these <gap:platform> tags is causing this issue?