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    Trouble with footnote superscripting

    George Krompacky

      I'm experiencing some weirdness with the superscripting of footnote numbers within the text (not in the footnote itself) in book documents that were originally imported from MS Word.


      I first noticed that when I went to Footnote Options and chose "Apply Superscript" under "Footnote Reference Number in Text" that it didn't do anything. The footnote reference numbers weren't affected. So I tried an experiment wherein I created a character style called "red" and chose that option.


      It worked. The footnote reference numbers turned red and also became superscripted. Then I went back into options and removed the red character style, but the superscript formatting "stuck." So for a couple of the book documents that were giving me trouble with superscripted numbers, I used this new "trick" to get the numbers superscripted.


      Only problem is, it's erratic. I was just reviewing comments on a PDF of the first proof when I realized that the PDF had superscripted numbers but my Indesign file had reverted to non-superscripted.


      Anyone else have issues with this, or have any idea what is going on? Latest version of ID CC 2015 on Mac OS 10.11.4.

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          George Krompacky Level 1

          Replying to my own question as a year later I still have this issue. Here is another outline of what is happening:


          1. Document footnote options are set to position: apply superscript and character style: none
          2. Import Word doc into indesign CC 2017
          3. Problem: footnote numbers in text are not superscripted
          4. Create a dummy character style (e.g., one that applies red color)
          5. In footnote options, apply that new style to footnote reference numbers
          6. Result: numbers are superscripted (and, in my example, red)
          7. Change character style back to "none" in footnote options
          8. Result: footnote reference numbers remain superscripted


          How can I get footnote reference numbers to work correctly, from the start?