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    Trouble with footnote superscripting

    George Krompacky Level 1

      I'm experiencing some weirdness with the superscripting of footnote numbers within the text (not in the footnote itself) in book documents that were originally imported from MS Word.


      I first noticed that when I went to Footnote Options and chose "Apply Superscript" under "Footnote Reference Number in Text" that it didn't do anything. The footnote reference numbers weren't affected. So I tried an experiment wherein I created a character style called "red" and chose that option.


      It worked. The footnote reference numbers turned red and also became superscripted. Then I went back into options and removed the red character style, but the superscript formatting "stuck." So for a couple of the book documents that were giving me trouble with superscripted numbers, I used this new "trick" to get the numbers superscripted.


      Only problem is, it's erratic. I was just reviewing comments on a PDF of the first proof when I realized that the PDF had superscripted numbers but my Indesign file had reverted to non-superscripted.


      Anyone else have issues with this, or have any idea what is going on? Latest version of ID CC 2015 on Mac OS 10.11.4.

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          George Krompacky Level 1

          Replying to my own question as a year later I still have this issue. Here is another outline of what is happening:


          1. Document footnote options are set to position: apply superscript and character style: none
          2. Import Word doc into indesign CC 2017
          3. Problem: footnote numbers in text are not superscripted
          4. Create a dummy character style (e.g., one that applies red color)
          5. In footnote options, apply that new style to footnote reference numbers
          6. Result: numbers are superscripted (and, in my example, red)
          7. Change character style back to "none" in footnote options
          8. Result: footnote reference numbers remain superscripted


          How can I get footnote reference numbers to work correctly, from the start?

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            I am experiencing this problem too in ID CS6 on Windows 10. However, your solution does not work for me.


            Superscript has two features: (1) reduction of font size and (2) raising from the baseline. When the superscript character style is applied to my notes I get (1) but not (2).


            My solution is to recreate superscript manually i.e. specifying a smaller text size and a baseline shift.


            In EDIT > PREFERENCES > ADVANCED TYPE the sub and superscript and small caps reductions are specified.