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    Trying to load APE 11 to Windows 10

    Phil.com Level 1

      Due to a computer crash I had to buy a new computer which runs Windows 10. I ran my legal installation CD and it ran well asked for registration number and it kept running. It stopped and said I had another Adobe program running and to close it. I got a message to delete the APE 11 and start again. When I went to delete it there was nothing there to delete.

      So, I started the installation again and nothing happened. The CD did not start. Like it was blank. I thought it may be a time thing so I let it try to run overnight, nothing.  Is there a limited number of times you can run a APE CD?

      If it is a bad disk will Adobe swap it out?  I am in need of my editing program.

      Windows is not very friendly to install, at least for me.

      Thank you.

      Cheers and Peace! Phil