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    Forms & Checkboxes

      Hi there,

      I have a form with a couple of text input fields and 3 checkboxes. The user can enter data into the text input boxes and press the return key and all the results will be displayed back to them.This is fine and I achieved this by using the 'enter' property of the text input control.

      The user can also enter data in the text input boxes and select a checkbox. This is where I am having difficulty. If the user enters data in the text input box and then selects a check box and hits the return key, nothing happens. (Obviously, because the checkbox now has the focus and not the textinput box)

      I am trying to figure out how to the user can select a checkbox and then hit the enter key to submit the form! any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          defaultButton property
          defaultButton:IFlexDisplayObject [read-write]
          The Button control designated as the default button for the container. When controls in the container have focus, pressing the Enter key is the same as clicking this Button control.