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    Choose between gtx970 and 780ti at the same price - specially for premiere pro(No gaming)


      i must Choose between gtx970 (new) and 780ti (second hand from a friend, he buyed it but never mounted or even unboxed it)  specially for premiere pro / some AEffects and PShop (this is the work pc, no gaming..too much )

      The two option are the same price -

      360 eur gtx 970

      355 eur gtx 780ti

      Reading specs (cudacores, bandwiths, etc)  it seems easy to choose the 780ti especially because its not for gaming, but im not hardware pro, so maybe you could give me some guidance...i'm editing 4k short videos (10 minutes or so) in nearly future, and im worried about the "older" 780ti technology could have some limitation with it

      I'm working happily with me new baby - i7 5820k - 32gb ddr4 2400 - 128gb ssd for the os - 256gb ssd for editing - 2tb hdd 7200 - and an old nvidia gt440..for now..

      i hope you can help me with this last choose

      Thanks a lot in advance...