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    Loading bar

      Hello! I' m new in Flsh and I want someone to tell me how can I make a loading bar??
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            I assume you mean a pre-loader that shows a progress bar and then launches the movie?

            I found some tutorials on the Net how to make one and got one to actually work.

            But maybe the easiest thing would be to send you a flash file with the preloader in it. It uses the first two frames of a movie. You could use that as your base and build your movie after that, or insert it into a pre-existing movie. My preloader gives a progress bar and also indicates the percent of the movie as it loads. You can change the text styles and color of the bar and so on. I got it from a tutorial, so I think it is okay to share it. I just can't remember which tutorial (I've read so many!) I found it in.

            If you are interested, send me an e-mail or Private Message.
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              for an excellent preloader tutorial, go check out www.gotoandlearn.com