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    How do I custom fit my ebook in ADE?


      I downloaded an eBook in the PDF version in ADE and it doesn't seem to have an option to fit it to my liking. On all the websites and forums i've visited trying to find a solution to this problem, they all say that with my edition (4.5) I should be able to have the option to "custom fit" my page in my screen, but I don't have the option to do that. I only have the options to: "fit page", "fit width", "actual size (1:1)", "zoom 1.5x", "zoom 2x", and "zoom 4x".... Originally I thought these would be ok, but the font that's big enough for me to see only shows me PART of the full page of the book, and then there is no option to scroll left or right to see the other part of the page!! Thre's GOT to be a way to solve this issue, it just seems so frustrating to me that the scrolling and fit page options are so minimal and so crappy.

      On another note, I had parts of a chapter and when i went back later, all of the highlights were gone!! Are those highlights gone forever or can I somehow get them back? Or is there a sort of "save" button for highlights that I should know about??