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    How to remove apps when you can't get into settings...?


      I am in the middle of conducting a course on how to use PhoneGap Build to build mobile apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript. I was in the middle of demonstrating how to upload the zip file with all the contents including the config.xml and index.html. Anyhoo, after uploading, the screen didn't have the usual QR code or the Android, Windows buttons to download. I thought it might have been stuck. So, I tried creating an app from my github repo. That's when I got the message "Unable to create app: You're using the maximum number of private apps included in this plan. Please call customer service to discuss your requirements."

      It should be noted that several of my participants were also trying to build their own apps and may have copied my credentials in their config.xml file. I would imagine, deleting the apps associated with my account would solve the issue but I can't even do that. Any ideas anyone?

      I just ended a chat with support and they directed me to this forum.