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    Unable to load


      I purchased Flash CS4 about 3 weeks ago - and after considerable trouble installing it - I managed it and it worked fine.

      It has now come up with a licensing error (Error 3) on start up.
      I have tried the repair software without success several times.
      I have tried downloading from source again - and it refuses to install stating a corrupt file.
      I have tried to uninstall and it won´t allow it.

      I have Vista Home Premium and plenty of disc space. And downloaded using Firefox. I also use "Run as Administrator".

      I have most of the other Adobe and Macromedia products - that work without problems.

      I have been trying AI and Photoshop - but they will also not install properly - neither will they uninstall.

      I am at my wits end - of course these problems ALWAYS seem to happen at just the worst time!!!

      Has anyone any solutions?

      thank you