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    Is Director Dead?

    ginod Level 1
      The way i see... Director was kill......

      It's been almost 5 years.. and nothing.....

      I miss Macromedia times

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          Chunick Level 3
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            It has been 5 years since what exactly? Since the version that was
            released 2 versions ago? Director 11 was released last year, and while
            I'll admit there has been very little fanfare about it, I think it shows
            that Adobe has at least some small commitment to the program... as
            opposed to Macromedia who really let it die on the vine.
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              They say the heart of Dir-ec-tor is still beating
              And from what Ive seen I believe em
              Now the old boy may be barely breathing
              But the heart of Dir-ec-tor is still beating
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                rafa@mediatech Level 1
                I launched mine this morning and it still works!!!! (sorry, bad joke...)
                I've had to do some projects in flash lately, and unfortunately, the client wants to use the same project on CD and online... I would never trade Director offline functionality for flash's. I think Adobe knows this (I hope they do). And I am sure if they wanted it out, it would be out.

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                  mziskandar Level 1
                  Mine still work too.. minus the HLSL/GLSL (of course..) :D
                  and I m still visiting this forum.. I wonder why.. deep inside, still praying for better upgrades..
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                    The 'Is Director Dead' topic pops up every now and then. It came about
                    because Macromedia created uncertainty about the product.

                    Adobe released Director 11 last year.

                    Amazon is taking orders for Director 11.5 with a statement that it will
                    be available on April 6, 2009. So, Adobe have worked on a second version
                    of Director.

                    So, the answer to the question 'Is Director Dead?' is:
                    No - absolutely not.

                    The question on 'Has Director caught up on areas here it fell behind
                    during its hibernation?'
                    - Not yet. Adobe have stated publicly that features like 3D need further
                    attention and that it would take time. We all would like Director to be
                    rejuvenated and quickly. However, this is not possible. At least we can
                    take comfort in the fact that Adobe are giving the product attention and
                    are showing willingness to continue doing so.


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                      I’m happy to see a new version of Director (it’s that cute?) But with each release I’m constantly amazed by two things. Director’s inability to create DVD interfaces (like Encore) and it always seems to support the second to current version of Flash and never the latest version.

                      I really feel like Macromedia and Adobe missed the boat not creating DVD interfaces with Director. Encore really isn’t that complicated and it seems like it could have been added to Director. I’m glad to see support for Google Sketch Up but am missing any mention of mobile phone support. It just always seems like Director is 10 years behind the times.

                      I miss working in Director.

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                        rafa@mediatech Level 1
                        I wish Director would do my special effects (so that I don't have to use After Effects), I also wish it would do my video productions (good bye Vegas and Premiere!)... can it also do my taxes? (no more turboTAX!!)
                        I think Director should stick to perfecting what it was meant to handle first.

                        It is just a tool... you do not have a tool that does everything and anything!

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                          ginod Level 1
                          i'm glad to see director alive again....
                          let's fight again

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                            dan_hin Level 1

                            Actually you _can_ create DVD interfaces with Director, just not ones which will play on a set top box.


                            What would be the point in creating interfaces for set top players in Director? There are such stringent DVD-standard hardware restrictions on what can and can't be included that it would render many functions (for example, animation) in Director pointless.


                            Plus of course there are the MPEG-2 authoring licenses which would have to be paid for by Director customers...I'm fairly sure that Adobe don't want to boost the cost of Director further by adding features that many lingo developers either don't want, don't need, or have access to already through an existing *Adobe* product.



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                              Why does Director 11.5 not support Leopard?