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    Misrepresentation of services.


      I had a previous account with Dollar Photo Club until they were bought, and

      I transferred over here. I bought $30-40 worth of stock photography for my some work


      When I bought the stock imagery the file type clearly stated ".ai/eps"

      Come to find out, I can't use any of it. .ai is NOT EPS compatible, otherwise it would open in 'gimp' and 'inkscape'.

      I don't own adobe creative cloud. I don't intend to use creative cloud and I don't appreciate anti-competitive vendor lock in.


      At the least, if you are going to buy a service and 'improve on it' dont start by purchasing it and then taking out the option to export to other formats (or worse, lying about your product)

      Especially with people coming from the outside, who otherwise had no interest in your other products to begin with.


      Either remove the 'eps' from 'ai/eps' file type on your imagery or my state AG, chamber of commerce, and the BBB will be getting notarized letters, and you'll get a nice $100 a month ad campaign

      against you on facebook targeted at photography and design enthusiasts, which should reach..oh, somewhere in the ball park of 15,000-20,000 impressions.


      And also I'd like a export option while we're at it. Sincerely


      - Cali.