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    ePub (Fixed Layout) is not on my options list when I export from InDesign 6 CC


      I am trying to export my file as an ePub (Fixed Layout,) but I'm stumped because when I hit 'export' the option doesn't exist! I can export as an ePub. Every tutorial and troubleshooting scenario I have seen has not presented this as a problem. Yes, I'm new to InDesign, but I am a photoshop veteran of 15 years.


      More about this file:


      I have a 32 page children's book and my settings are for digital publishing and ipad.


      The images are photoshop .pdf's, no layers. The text is a custom text called "Burvetica," (but I created a few more files not using this, or any text, and the same issue arises.)


      There are no transparent photos or layers.


      ----- How can I get export as 'ePub (Fixed Layout)' back on my export menu?-----