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    Images problem (seem to overlap)


      Dear Community,


      I am about finished with my book but I'm having an issue I can't solve. I've been searching for hours but I can't find an answer. I hope this community can...


      On the MASTER-PAGE I placed a rectangle (15mm high, origin Y=0, no stroke) and made it grey. On my content page, I place pictures exactly starting at Y:15mm, no stroke. So, in theory, the result should be some pictures exactly next to each other.


      I ordered a printed (press) draft and saw that on some pages, the pictures seem to overlap (see the red circles). I checked and checked again but that is not the case. The grey rectangle (Master page) starts at Y=0 and is 15 high, the photos on the content page start at Y=15.


      A solution could be to lower my pictures a few mm's but that kills the design in my opinion.


      Thanks in advance!


      InDesign CS6 v8.1 on a MAC