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    Batch process video to swf with controls??

      I have hundreds of QT videos that I need converted to .swf video WITH control bar and a watermark logo.

      I can batch process them to .flv using the Media Encoder, but I need them to be .swf in order to use them in Director 2004MX. Plus, I don't see where I can add a watermark using Media Encoder.

      I have CS3 and CS4 Master Collections so I assume there's got to be SOME way to do this batch processing.

      I did a few sample tests in Flash, bringing in the .flv file, attaching one of the prebuilt skins, adding a layer for the logo watermark, then exporting to swf. It works beautifully in my Director project. But to do this process 500 times would take forever.

      Any advice on how to batch to .swf video with control bar and watermark would be greatly appreciated.