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      I'm new, so don't assume I know even the simple stuff (for I probably don't).

      I'm looking to develop an application that takes real-time data from an external source (not video), computes an image with that data (a bitmap if you will) and then streams those images (being computed in real-time) to a Flash player on a remote machine. Is this possible? What's the best way to do it?

      All the images (about eight frames per second where each frame is 512x512 pixels) will be generated in real time based on the user telling the server to acquire data and I cannot tolerate very much lag (that is, once a user says "go" images need to start appearing in their viewer within a second or so). It's not acceptable to buffer up hundreds of images before streaming them.

      Is this possible/reasonable? Any tips? I'll use whatever tools I need, so feel free to suggest things.

      Thanks for any tips!
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          AttaBoy2 Level 4
          You say it's not video but it sounds like a web cam. Is it? If so I would like to know too. Are you looking to remote control or just monitor another computer?
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            bsnguy Level 1
            It's not a web cam... I can't say what it is, but a similar example would be that I'm taking temperature measurements, eight times a second, from 1000 sensors and I want to plot each temperature after I get it and display that plot real time plot via flash to the remote viewing machine.

            And I do want to remote control, too, but I think that's very doable... what I don't see is a way to take live data and stream it (the streaming tools I see assume a video capture device as the source and I could use that as a hack for development, but my goal is to have a tiny, embedded system in the end where a simple little processor inside a small box does all the work... well, the processor is not so simple but something like the new Atom processors with integrated graphics, etc.)