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    "Freezing" column headers in long tables

    MMartinJohnson Level 1
      Hi there, I'm using RoboHelp 7 and generating a WebHelp project. Most of our topics contain really long tables of information. Users have pointed out that they can't see the column headings when they scroll down the topic pane. If anyone has any ideas for how I could "freeze" the column headers, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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          MergeThis Level 4
          You could separate the headers and content, then place an inline frame containing the content under those headers. The inline frame would have a scrollbar for viewing all content while the table headers would remain constant.

          As of RH X5, the content in inline frames did not carry over to Print (either printing a WebHelp page or creating a Printed Documentation layout), so you should probably test that in RH 7. If that issue is still not resolved, you'd have to create two versions of each table and conditionalize them for Online and Print.

          The other downside to inline frames is that they present content which must actually reside in another topic.

          Alternately, you could generate a "Print-friendly" PDF version of the traditional table structure. In Word, you would set the header to repeat on each page, then generate the PDF. You would then add a link to launch the PDF in a new window, which they could read separately or print.

          Another alternative might be to repeat the table headers at set intervals throughout the table. This could be in a row with a smaller font and a lighter background (perhaps with some level of transparency), in an attempt at keeping it from being too much of a distraction.

          Or...the users could just get over themselves!

          Good luck,