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    "We have detected an incompatible display driver." Help! (PE 12)




      Out of the blue, when I went to continue working on a project, I got a pop-up stating "We have detected an incompatible display driver. To get a better and faster playback performance, please update your display driver". I searched all over, and most sources pointed to the Baddriver.txt file being the problem. I tried deleting it and renaming it, but whenever I would re-open PE12 the file would simply re-appear along with the error message, not solving the problem.


      I then went to AMD's site (using an R9 270x) and downloaded the newest drivers, and according to the catalyst software my drivers are all up to date. I tried updating my Intel drivers as well (i5-4440), but it says I have the most recent version. I am using Windows 10 fyi. I hadn't updated any of my drivers manually before I got the error, only did a windows update while shutting down.


      I am at a loss of what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated.