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    Brush tool is uneven and wiggly??


      Okay I've been looking around on flash programs for a long time, however everytime I try one the brush tool does the same stupid crap. It seems to be a common and unaddressed problem on Adobe however and I'm hoping to God that, that isnt the case. I mean really? Well I just downloaded Adobe Anime cc for its trial feeling so sure that it would work and the brush tool issue would be gone. But NOPE, the SAME ISSUE IS THERE. At this point I'm wondering if its my HUION pen display that I'm using that could be the issue? Could someone tell me if they happen to use a pen display from HUION and if the brush tool on this program works fine for them? If not is there some sort of fix for this???? This is driving me mad!! As I said, when I draw a line with the brush tool it appears very rigid and terrible. The only way I can cure this is if I have smoothing on at least 40%, but this makes the lines slightly inaacurate to what I intend along with the fact that it makes drawing SO slow, and I need to be quick! Help for God's Sake!