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    CC 2015.5 Photo > Edit In > Open as Smart Object in Photoshop no longer works for multiple images as before


      Prior to the most recent updates to Lightroom and Photoshop I could select a group of images in Lightroom and export them into a single smart object layer in Photoshop. This was very handy for doing some things like time lapse compositing, for example, using the smart objects layer menu to apply mean or median averaging to them. If I try it now, it exports only the 'most selected' image as a a smart object layer and the other image files are not imported at all. Now I have to select all the images and export as layers into photoshop, then select all the layers and convert them to a smart object before I can apply the Smart Objects Stack Mode effects.


      To make problems even worse, Creative Cloud no longer offers a way to roll back Lightroom to a previous version. Photoshop can be rolled back from the current 16.1.2 to 16.0.0, but then Lightroom's current version, 1067055, doesn't export to Photoshop, at least using the various scripts. Since I do a lot of this kind of composite work, this will slow down my workflow considerably and I need a way to get the previous ability back. I tried to use ACR to do this and it just opens each selected image as a separate smart object document in Photoshop; I need them to be all combined into a single layer smart object as before.


      Does anyone know if there's a new way to do this? Or was it accidentally lost like it seems every single update since 16.0.0 has done with each update trying to fix previous accidental feature removal but adding new accidental feature removal instead. This is getting kind of old, by the way. If I can get back to what I had with Lightroom CC 2015.3 or 4 and the previous version of Photoshop CC 2015 I think I'll just leave them alone and forget trying to upgrade. Even though I read the details of the upgrade and checked the forums to see if anything obvious showed up, I have not seen this issue noted, so it's probably one of those things that only a few of us like to use and so it affects only a small number of users.