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    No Video download plan available


      The bottom of the Adobe Stock promo page has three prices:

      Single Image: $9.99

      10 images a month: $29.95

      HD and 4K videos: from $79.95


      There's no link to find out more about the "from $79.95" HD... video plans


      I click on View all Plans under the $29.95 and all I get is a window with the image monthly and yearly plans. There nothing about videos:

      "10 images a month"

      "750 images a month"

      So, where's the video info? I want videos not images!

      I've just about clicked my mouse to death trying to find out something on video stock.

      Or, does this $29.95 deal include images AND video footage? If so, why don't they have an option to buy the "from $79.95" plan they included in their original promo page?

      Completely confusing and frustrating.