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    Using Lightroom across two computers

    Creative Dog Media

      Here is my situation.  I have an iMac that is now my primary computer for LR workflow.  The catalog and preview catalog sit on my iMac hard drive.  I have a MacBook Pro that I want to be able to use while traveling.  I simply want to shoot a project, import the photos to my laptop and edit them in LR.  When I return to my iMac, I want to be able to move the original images and all associated edits over to my main hard drive.


      I tried moving my lrcat and lrdata to a dropbox folder and point my iMac LR to that catalog...things went painfully slow. I didn't even try to open things up on my macbook.  I don't use an external drive while traveling because my iMac in my office is connected to 16tb and 20tb RAID 5 drives where all of my images sit.


      What is the best option here?