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    Page setup not functioning properly in LR


      When printing from LR to my Epson 9880 recently, the page setup is not properly changing the dimensions of the print. I am printing on 24 inch roll paper. For example, I have been making prints at 24"x12" then I change the dimensions to 24"x 24" to make a larger print as I always have in page setup, but the print gets cut off at 24"x12".  It's a very frustrating and an expensive waste of paper! Please help!

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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like 24x12 is a custom paper size. I use a 3880 and not a 9880, but I've noticed that custom paper sizes might not work right unless Page Setup is told which printer to use as the basis for the paper size. So even though you probably already chose the Epson 9880 in the main Page Setup dialog box, try choosing Epson 9880 again in the Non-Printable Area pop-up menu before you enter your custom paper size (see attached image). This makes Page Setup auto-enter the printer's maximum values in Paper Size and its default margins in Non-Printable Area, and makes sure the paper size you enter is within the minimum and maximum sizes that the printer supports.


          When I forget this step, custom paper sizes often don't work right.


          I'm not completely sure that's the right fix for what you're seeing, but it's something to try.

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            kayray100 Level 1

            Thanks SaturnV. Unfortunately I just got back to my printer and tried your suggested fix, but the print got cut off again at the wrong size. Very strange and discouraging ...