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    TOC based on unprinted & printed headings


      I laid out/designed the print version of my novel in Indesign. I am now trying to create an epub version of that same book but creating the Table of Contents is giving me fits. The print version does not have a TOC. There are six chapters, the first of which is untitled. I want the epub TOC to include this first section but I do not want to alter the appearance of the ebook to print a title for that chapter. (Ideally I guess I would like the Dedication and Title Page to show up in the TOC too, but I am willing to scrap this desire if necessary.) I have added a text box with the "name" of the first unnamed chapter. I have then tried making that text box non-printing with Attributes. I have tried to turn off the visibility of the text box in Layers. Anything I do that causes the unwanted text to be hidden, which is what I would like, removes it from the TOC, which is what I do NOT want happening. Is it even possible to do what I am attempting? It seems as if it should be given the number of chapters that do not have proper headings. Thanks in advance to any who attempt to help.


      I have never used this forum before so apologizes if any protocol has been breached.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Try putting the properly styled text on the pasteboard.


          In the future, please post the version of InDesign, operating system and your EPUB export settings.

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            SueCampbell54 Level 1

            Tried placing "title page" text label in a ToC style on paste board with bottom of the box touching the page. No, this doesn't work. The pages (which are images) are skipped and the opening page of the book is chapter 1 (same toc style) which is 1st in playorder of the ToC (logically enough). The images  used for title page are in the text flow and can be seen by paging backwards in the book, but the client wants them to show up in the ToC.


            The placed labels (on the pasteboard) do show upin the book and in the ToC at the end of the book and end of the ToC. So this solution is a no go. Even if I put them in the text flow or used the articles panel (does that still exist?) they would then be a part of the text in addition to the title page images so that doesn't work either. We don't want those labels to show in the text.


            It seems like the only way to force this to work is the rewrite the ToC.ncx and OPF and that's exactly what I don't want to do!


            Mac running Yosemite InDD 2017 (same results running 2015)