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    Font not available or can't be used in editing

    conorg13447811 Level 1

      Hello everybody


      I've reviewed the forums and have also been in touch with Adobe Support on this directly. But no solution as of yet. Would be grateful for any guidance.

      I've just purchased Acrobat DC because I wanted to be able to edit PDFs. The file that I am trying edit is using the font:  "Officina Sans ITC Book".


      However when I try to edit text in the file, it automatically defaults to a different font (Minion Pro) and a message pops up

      "The original font Officina Sans ITC Book is not available or can't be used in editing. Adobe Acrobat DC is using the font Minion Pro in its place."


      To resolve this, I purchased the "Officina Sans ITC Book" font package and downloaded it to my computer. It's working fine when I try to use it in Word. However, I still can't use it in Acrobat.


      In the Adobe Distiller settings, the font is listed there as "always embed" under the "font settings".


      Does anybody have any ideas? My company always use this font, so I need to find a way around this.


      Thanks for your help