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    Indesign huge file



      My indesign file has 80 pages,  including 3 pictures each page,  and now 550 MB size.  I tried to export it as idml file, and reopen with indesign, and nothing changed.  But the idml file is 130 MB.    I controlled all pictures, all of them 300 dpi CMYK.   Each page has "drop shadow" effect, and I suspected it and I create an empty document with 80 pages, and apply master page effects (drop shadow) all pages,  and the size was approx. 100 MB.


      I tried to remove the pictures,  and the size did not change.  Still 540 MB.


      Any idea?


      Mac OSX  El capitan


      Macbook pro  2011   16 RAM   480 SSD

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Did you embed or link the images? Images should always be linked.

          If none of your tries to export to IDML helps, create a new document, 2 pages, no styles, same base line grid settings and drag all pages of the old document the new one after page 2, at the end delete the first 2 pages.

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            Derek Cross Level 6

            Which version of InDesign?

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              ardao21386661 Level 1

              I never embed.  Only link.

              I tried what you write. I created an empty document, same size,  and copied all from old to new document.  Nothing changed.

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                ardao21386661 Level 1

                Indesign CC


                The last update

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                  ardao21386661 Level 1

                  .. And I ve just noticed..   some pictures show 3 or 4 times more size then their original sizes.    For ex.  One picture in Photoshop show 2 MB.  But this image in indesign links window  appear as 10 MB.    Strange.

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                    Derek Cross Level 6

                    You state the resolution of the images is 300ppi, is this the Effective resolution?

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                      ardao21386661 Level 1

                      I ve found the problem.   The problem is the pictures,  not indesign.  But not the resolution or  the name  etc. of pictures.

                      When I open the pictures in photoshop, some pictures I used have very long ( thousand lines ) "File info".  These pictures show 5 MB in photoshop,  but 40 MB in Indesign. 


                      So, I open these pictures in photoshop, save as .eps file, and close.  Then open all again, and save as TIFF  CMYK  again.  And all the enormous "File info" lines gone. 


                      Now indesign file size dropped  100 MB.  (580 MB before).  and speed up.



                      By the way, do you know a practical way to get rid of enormous File Info lines?

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                        Derek Cross Level 6

                        I'm confused by your workflow – EPS is an obsolete format.

                        Presumably you're receiving your images from a camera, scanner or bureau. Keep them in sRGB, or similar color space, and work in this color mode in Photoshop. After cropping, color correcting and soon on, keep the PSD file and save it as copy as a JPG without much compression – say 10 – for your publications. The file will be much smaller and with imperceptible loss of quality.


                        Ensure you Place your photographs in InDesign as linked images.


                        You might consider taking this Lynda.com course on color management with InDesign (you can get a 10 day free trial):

                        InDesign Insider Training: Color Management | Lynda.com

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                          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
                          1. Why are you using EPS? Don't do that in any case in InDesign.
                          2. Why are you placing CMYK images? Use RGB, for print and for screen.

                          File info is needed, but you can define it in the File > File Information… dialog.

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                            ardao21386661 Level 1

                            No.  I don't use eps files in indesign.

                            In order to get rid of big "File Info" lines of the picture, I change the format from tiff  to  eps.  then, reopen it, and save as TIFF again.  When I did so, I saw that all the long long File Info lines were gone. And the picture size turned to normal.



                            When working on indesign, I always use cmyk  and Tiff files.  When you use RGB mode picture in photoshop, during editing, photoshop allow you to for ex. saturate the picture as you wish.  But when you change the picture to CMYK, you will see that this saturation  will be impossible to print on paper. The color change darkish.  But working in CMYK mode, photoshop does not allow you to change some color and saturation adjustments as you wish.  Because offset printing on paper (CMYK) have limits on color and saturation adjustments.

                            On the other hand, CMYK TIFF files are bigger files then RGB Jpeg files.  But also safer, I think.

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                              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                              Old philosophy. Today you should RGB for print and non print in InDesign. http://indesignsecrets.com/import-rgb-images-indesign-convert-cmyk-export.php In Photoshop turn on Proof preview and it shows the colors as the file would be in CMYK. Converting in Photoshop is useless more work which reduces flexibility.


                              Saving a TIFF as EPS and Back is only destroying important information.

                              If you need small PDFs not for print, stay in RGB, export as PDF (interactive).

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                                rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                I tried to export it as idml file, and reopen with indesign, and nothing changed.

                                This has come up before, file metadata can indeed bloat an ID file. Also try a Save As rather than the IDML export, a Save As can often greatly reduce the ID file size.


                                Here's an example of a single page file with a large .PSD placed. The initial saved size, followed by a number of manipulations to the image, followed by a Save As. I didn't add any thing to the page, just performed some transforms and modifications to the single placed image.


                                Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.08.23 AM.png


                                Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.13.03 AM.png


                                Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.13.47 AM.png