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    Text measurement in Fireworks CS3

      Hi all,
      I'm designing a phone app, and a styleguide for the design, which require all the elements to be pixel perfect and add up to the screen dimension. There are 2 problems I run into is how to measure text in Fireworks CS3:
      1) Fireworks CS3 measure text in point, not pixel. I use an online converter but it doesn't quite work. (For example, 17point = 22.666 pixel. Should I just round it up to 23?)

      2) Web text is measured based on the em square, not the size of the character itself. Is there a way to find out the em square size in Fireworks? (I thought the blue bounding box when the text is selected is the em square, but I tried taking screenshot and measure it, and it turned out that it's not the case).

      So, to sum it up, what procedure should I follow to measure text in a pixel perfect design in Fireworks CS3? Thanks.