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    + Setting up LR to Work off Photo Files on External Drive from the Very Beginning +




      I'm trying out LR to see how the workflow goes.

      I'm working on one project - I need to select the final images to use in the project from like a year worth of pictures.

      This is my main interest in using LR for now.

      I have all my files on an external drive.


      + First step is to then import by adding them to a catalogue on my internal drive.

      + I select 'build smart previews' so I can work offline

      And take it from there, the selection process and keywording, etc.


      Does that sound right?


      ~ If I have other projects, would I create a separate catalogue in my computer for each project?


      ~ would metadata that I add in LR only be embedded on files that I use from LR?

      What I mean is,

      were I to go into my external drive from the desktop and pull an image,

      does that have the metadata?


      Thank you!