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    Certain fading transitions not working with Premiere Elements 11



      My PC configuration: Windows 7 Family Edition with Premiere Elements 11; CPU: AMD A10-6790K APU with integrated graphic card Radeon AMD HD 8670D; Memory: 8 Gbytes.

      My Problem: some transitions of the "Fade" category of Adobe Premiere Elements 11 do not work, whether under my admin account or under another admin account - Additive Fade: OK - Fade to White: OK - Fade to Black: OK - Film fading: not OK - Crossfade: not OK - Non-Additive Dissolve: not OK - Random Inversion: OK

      Have completed the five steps recommended for the "Troubleshooting unexpected behavior" without success - have uninstalled APE 11 - have executed Adobe CC Cleaner - have created a new administrator account - have re-installed APE 11 - But the problem is still there after rendering/encoding ....

      The Adobe support team could not provide any suggestion on how to fix this, besides directing me to the experts of this forum!


      Had anyone ever come across this issue by any chance? if yes, any idea on how to remediate this problem?


      Thanks in advance.


      Thierry (from France)