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    Update Failed - Unable to reach servers


      Hi, so a bit of back story which may be helpful: about 4 days ago I open up Premiere Pro which had been updated to the newest version (a while back I think) and both my screens died. Long story short I spent all day getting everything working again - which included resetting Windows 10 completely.


      When I went to get back to work I was able to download CC, log in and download apps, but, I cannot update ANY of them.


      The most important example for me is that I have Premiere Pro v9.0 (Paper Plane) but I cannot open the projects I was working with before I had to reset windows.


      I've been online since then - searching forums and troubleshooting sections, used the CC Cleaner Tool, fiddled with firewall settings and tried a different WiFi network. Also tried my two older machines that I had previously been using. Nothing. "Unable to reach servers".


      Is there anyway to get the updates outside of Creative Cloud or save my project somewhere else but for an older version Premiere?


      -Thanks in advance,