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    Context sensitve help will not work

      I am working on a RoboHelp 5.0 project, gen-ing in WebHelp, with CSHelp. The CSHelp portion of the project is not working. I wondered if my sequence of steps is wrong.
      • Created parent.
      • Created child 1, assigned mapID. . Created child 2, assigned mapID.
      • Opened the parent, and checked the Locked checkbox on the BSSCDefault.h screen.
      • In each child, the Edit map ID screen displays blue icons.
      • In the parent, the BSSCDefault.h screen displays yellow locked icons.
      • I merged the children to the parent project.
      • Gened, Published, and Saved the parent.
      • Gened, Published, and Saved each child..
      • Merged all the contents of each child BSSCDefault.h into the parent BSSCDefault.h, placing them in numeric ascending order.
      • Opened the parent, selected MAP FILES, and exported the file to the desktop to later present to my developer. File is renamed BSSCDefault.properties.
      All child .ALI files are complete. My developer says that the CSHelp does not work.