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    Publish Online Questions



      I have several questions.

      1. Where are the documents stored, since I just get a URL?

      2. Do you have to be signed into CC?

      3. How much will this cost?

      4. I am trying to implement a digital publishing course at the college I work and Adobe keeps changing the rules....so...is there someplace I can go to find out the 'rules'? We have multiple computers (approx 66) in the department that creative cloud is installed on....how can my students use this feature—EASILY?

      5. Is there some phone number...somewhere...that I can call to get questions answered for my educational institution? I have spent HOURS trying to find information. I just want to talk to a live human being....

      Thank you! I am just frustrated at this point, so please forgive the saltiness.....


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          (1) The Publish Online documents are stored on Adobe servers.


          (2) The documents are tied to a particular Adobe ID so you have to be signed into that Adobe ID to create documents or to make changes to them


          (3) For users of individual or team Adobe Creative Cloud accounts, Publish Online is available as part of the subscription. I've been told that Enterprise accounts allow the administrators to turn off this feature. I have no idea what the rules are for educational accounts.


          I would start at this page and click on the Students and Teachers tab.




          Here in the US where I live, I see both an 800 number and a link to chat at the bottom of the page.


          That's all I know, I'm afraid. I'm not Adobe staff, nor do many Adobe staff visit this forum.

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            typogirl43 Level 1

            Thank you. The people who answer the 800 numbers cannot seem to help me. But, you answers did for a few of the questions.