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    I need a LOW PROFILE Nvidia Video Card For Dell Optiplex 980 PCI-E slot. One a budget. can Spend aprox $395.99 in Ebay buck and a little extra if needed.


      This is my computer Dell Optiplex 980 Core I7 CPU @ 2.93 GHZ Quad core, 16GB Ram DDR3, Small Hard drive 320GB with 3TB backup drive external, AMD 2GB Video Card (I'm Upgrading to an Nvidia card with my eBay Bucks (aproximately $395.00) on the #rd of April, I can get a 3,4 or larger TB drive but do see a need right now Just learning Premier Pro. Any Suggesstions about a LOW PROFILE Nvidia Video card that might speed things up for me. When I do start trying to edit Videos. I'm going to be editing for my church if they start back editing videos and I can see Weddings and Birthdays in my Future. Any Suggestions other than buy new computer? LOL I'm a techie sort of that barely uses the full capabilities of even the most basic computer..