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    PE 14.1 on WIN7 PC: Sticky Video Whilst Previewing


      PE 14.1 on a 64-bit WIN7 PC


      I see issues similar to another thread: why does video track get stuck when previewing the project (after rendering)?

      I opened a new thread rather than to hijack that one.


      I'm working on a number of HD videos from a Panasonic V727 HD recorder (frame size 1920 x 1080, PAL)

      When previewing the rendered project the video is often "sticking" whilst the audio is OK.  Pressing the Play/Pause toggle twice usually results in a smooth video preview - for a few sequences at least.

      The problem is more annoying than real K/O as the completed video when exported looks fine.

      However, when reviewing a video via preview with someone its rather frustrating when the video "hangs up" & jumps forwards after an apparent pause.


      This happens both with projects that are about 6 minutes long and one that is 38 minutes long.


      I do not recall this happening with PE 13.1.


      My PC is an i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40 GHz (not the most powerful I know) with 8 GB main memory.

      The system has an Intel HD Graphics 440 (on board) & hence Use Hardware Acceleration is checked under Preferences / General.


      Thoughts anyone?