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    I've accidentally deleted my photos from lightroom. On my hard drive, the Lr Catalogues and also the photos are still there. How do I restore the photos?


      I don't know how it happened, except my mouse pointer was in the left panel while I was looking to move a photo I had just imported to another folder.


      My collections seem to be intact, though I've not really used this feature much.


      With the DNG files within the "My Photos" folder (all still there). There seems to be more JPG files than I expected (obviously to me, they are JPG files generated from the DNG's). How do I go about getting my photos back into Lightroom? Also would it be necessary to have the JPG's back in Lightroom to avoid conflicts within the Lr Catalogue?


      I would appreciate simple easy to understand answers as I'm not very technically minded. I have had Lightroom since v4, and now on CC Photography Plan, though I don't have a really good grasp of it as I don't get a lot of time to use it.



      Any help is greatly appreciated