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    Indesign cs6 doesn't work.. help me:(


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      Indesign cs6 설치 후 실행이 안됩니다. 다른 프로그램(illustrater, photoshop 등..)은 실행이 되는데 오직 Indesign만 실행이 안되네요.

      하지만 작업관리자를 보면 background process에는 Indesign이 실행 중이라고 표시됩니다.

      또한 노트북 업데이트 후 처음 재부팅 했을때는 실행이 됩니다 '-'   but 다시 껏다 키면 또 안됩니다.

      해결방법을 가르쳐주세요..ㅜㅜ


      Indesign cs6 doesn't work.

      Other programs (illustrator, photoshop, etc ...) are executed with no problem, except indesign cs6.

      But in the Task Manager show that Indesign process is still running! (photo appending)

      However, after update the notebook and when I first reboot, the program is work normally '-' but just that time. it will not happen again.

      Please tell me the solution. ㅜ_ㅜ