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    Button affecting Movie Alpha

    3d_modeler Level 1
      I have 2 buttons on my stage and also 2 movies. The 2 movies are an existing animation and a proposed animation, the existing movie clip is directly on top of the proposed. When I click the Proposed button I want that movies alpha to be 100 while the existing goes to zero. And vice versa. Right now, I can get that to work, however, I can't reverse it and click to existing button to get the existing movie to 100 and make the propsed 0.
      Here's my script:
      PropButton.onRelease = function(){
      MovieExist._alpha = 0;
      MovieProp_alpha = 100;

      ExistButton.onRelease = function(){
      MovieProp._alpha = 0;
      MovieExist_alpha = 100;