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    Announcing Flex 3 In Action - Two Free eBooks

    Tariq Ahmed [ACP]
      Have you been trying to get into Flex, but feel you haven't gotten a full grasp of the technology? Flex In Action's goal is to address the specific challenges someone coming from a traditional web technology (e.g. PHP, ColdFusion, etc...) will encounter, and transitions them towards the mindset needed in order to be successful with Flex.

      It leverages your existing programming skills by relating to how you used to do things, and how you now do it in Flex. It shows many ways of tackling the same problem in order to strengthen your understanding of how the technology works while progressively increasing your knowledge as you go along.

      Each purchase of the book includes an insert with authorization codes to download the PDF of this version of the book as well as the next version.

      For more information: http://www.amazon.com/Flex-3-Action-Tariq-Ahmed/dp/1933988746/?tag=insidemark-20